New Friends

Apparently every Serb considers the Tara National Park and the neighbouring touristic attractions of Drvengrad and the Šargan Eight heritage railway to be a must-see. So I spent two days doing what tourists do. See the image captions for some narration (click the image if they don’t show up).

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Electronic Terrorists

First week into the trip and the electronics already start to fail me. The magnet holding the charging cable of my phone in place gets loose, and the battery is draining rapidly because I used the phone for navigation while riding.

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Heading Southeast

As already said, on the 26 of may I jumped in at the deep end and left home, heading southeast. After 2 and a half days I arrived in on a campsite near Bovec in Slovenia to visit my mother who has spent her 2 weeks holidays here.

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On 26th of may I departed on a voyage. With a newly minted masters degree in Geophysics I didn’t feel like having a job straight away, working 40 hours a week and spending 21 days a year on some beach on a mediterranean island. Instead I sought for the cure of something that is best […]

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